Is Kroger Planning the construction of 448 apartments on the site of Bakery?


According to the latest news, A plan to turn the former Kroger Bakery site into a 448-unit housing project has been submitted to the Historic Resource Committee.


The two buildings on the site will be renewed, and three extra room buildings will be constructed around them in what is now a large parking lot.

Is Kroger Planning the construction of 448 apartments on the site of Bakery

The 9.4-acre complex, located at 457 Cleveland Avenue, was purchased by a team of local developers in March of last year. CASTO, Kelley Companies, and Robert Weiler Company – the same partnership behind the River & Rich development in Franklinton – paid $ 8.15 million for the preparation.

Furthermore, the site is situated just north of downtown, south of the large Abbott Nutrition Facility and across Cleveland Street from the Fort Hays Metropolitan Education Center. Throughout a tour of the complex early last year (pre-pandemic), CASTO representatives told Columbus Underground that they are considering a range of uses for the project, including apartments, offices, hotels, and event venues.

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Since then, the plan appears to have evolved to emphasize the residential component. In addition to apartments, the current proposal calls for 8,850 square feet of restaurant space and an office of 2,400 square feet for rental and maintenance. A total of 599 parking spaces will be made available – 420 of them indoors and the rest outside.

A site zoning request has been submitted, in which the change from manufacturing to residential is required in addition to reducing parking and increasing the height. The current two buildings are 66 feet high. One of the proposed new buildings will match this height, while the other two will be about 15 feet shorter. The proposal will receive a preliminary review by the Historic Resources Committee at its next virtual meeting, on April 15th. Operations at the Kroger bakery, which employs more than 400 workers, closed in February 2019. Now, what is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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