Is Kroger still giving bonus on getting vaccinated?


Remember when covid-19 was on peak and vaccination was introducing and everyone was still in doubt to get vaccinated or not? Then kroger took a great initiative to give bonus to all it’s employees who will get vaccinated will $100 extra. Now, if you are new at Kroger or if you still haven’t got your vaccination and finding answer if Kroger is still giving bonus or not here’s your answer.


In this regard, yesterday one new employee posted his concern on public Kroger forum where he expressed and asked if Kroger is still giving $100 or not? In this regard, many employees shared their recent experience and said he can still avail it by showing the certificate and prove to management.

While, if you still unaware of this bonus reward, then here’s the official statement by Kroger. The Kroger will provide a one-time payment of $ 100 to all partners who receive the manufacturer’s recommended full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Kroger said the one-time offer is available to all of the company’s partners, the nearly 500,000 individuals in 35 states, who provide proof of their human resource vaccination. Workers should have received the full recommended dose from the manufacturer. For those who cannot receive the vaccination for medical or religious reasons, completing the education and safety course will be sufficient to pay.

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“As we move into a new phase of the pandemic, we are increasing our investment to not only recognize the contributions of our partners, but also encourage them to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available for them to improve their well-being as well as the community,” said Tim Massa, Kroger’s Chief Personnel Division. Some of the employees have received the amount early this week after they have submitted they proof at the management office. Now, if you have concerns or need more details, let us know in the comment section below!

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