Is the Kroger App facing Glitches- My Pay Raise is reversed?


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In this regard, one of the employees posted his questions regarding the tardiness in the workspace. The employee stated: I’m at a loss. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do. We got our raises last week. And this week, they took a portion of that back. Some people only lost like 5 cents per hour but others lost a whole dollar of their money.  We were told all week that it was a glitch and that HR would fix it.  Turns out she has no idea. And told us we needed to call corporate. Who in turn told us to talk to HR. Who gave us another 1-800 number, and sent us all over the place? All of them saying basically not our problem. How can you give us money and then take it away? Some people lost more than the raise they even got?

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We are so sorry to hear about this and you are experiencing this, as far as Kroger company. These glitches will be subsequent and reversed back the deducted amount once the updates will be completed. If the problem is not solved, we suggest you may need to contact HR management and call the official Kroger helpline to know the status of the problem. Let us know if you need more assistance regarding the issue.

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