“It’s terrible”: Two cities in Illinois complains as grocery store Kroger shutdown


According to the recent news, the company said on Wednesday that two Kroger grocery stores in Green County are scheduled to close over the next month. The Cincinnati retailer, which is the largest supermarket chain in the United States by revenue with 2,920 stores across the country, has stores in Carrollton and Whitehall.


Many of customers who used to shop at Kroger, said that It will be difficult for them to shop for far away. Aside from Kroger, the closest grocery stores to White Hall are 20 miles away, in Greenfield, Jerseyville, and Jacksonville. Stats said any of these could be a long journey.

Two cities in Illinois complains as grocery store Kroger shutdown

They hope the town will get another grocery store, he said, adding that the shortage will create problems for residents who don’t drive and instead go to the grocery. He said the gas price in the range of $ 3 a gallon makes it a problem for those who drive.

In this regard, one of the regular shoppers said that It also has to do with the products the store sells, she said, noting that Kroger sells brands that you may not be able to get elsewhere. “Either way, there will be great pain everywhere,” Monroe said. Some areas south of Interstate 80 in northern Illinois could be considered a food desert, according to state representative C.D. Davidsmeier, indicating that he is concerned that Kroger leaving Greene County will create desert food between Jacksonville and Jerseysville. He said that food deserts particularly affect those at or below poverty level.

Furthermore, they stated that I hope socially minded people come forward and try to come up with a solution, but at the same time, food deserts are a thing in regular conversation in Springfield,” David Meyer said. “We will definitely create opportunities to expand these services in these communities.”

Kroger spokesman, Eric Halvorson, said the decision to close the stores came after an extensive assessment of the stores’ financial performance. Carrollton officials asked what potential incentives the city could offer to prevent the Carrollton store from closing but were told that a decision had been made. “As a city, we are working to keep our only grocery store open,” read a press release issued by the city. We’ve been with the Kroger for many years, and we’ve been just stopping on deaf ears,” said Debbie Dunlap, Carrollton treasurer. “The grocery store is like the color of your community, and if you don’t have a grocery store, that’s tough.” Kroger mentioned years of failure to make a profit. The company’s analysts report that the stores have not operated profitably for several years, and research indicates that neither of them has realistic prospects for a market turnaround,” the company said in a statement. Store employees were informed of the decision on Wednesday morning. The company said the decision was not a reflection of the employees or their service. What are your thoughts on this? Is Kroger really facing issues regarding sales? Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below!

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