Judge rejects Amazon employees’ lawsuit over coronavirus safety

We are as induvial are still risking our lives every day and staying safe in Coronavirus to provide better service to clients and customers. Now it is every organization and government duty to provide better sops at the workplace. Recently, a federal judge rejected a lawsuit against Amazon that accused the company of deteriorating to stop the spread of the Coronavirus by creating unsafe working conditions and referred it to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Details show that the four employees of the Amazon Staten Island Fulfillment Center, New York, filed the complaint in June. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District in New York, alleges that Amazon violated public nuisance and workplace safety laws by engaging in “deliberate miscommunication with workers” and prioritizing productivity over safety.

Furthermore, the Amazon warehouse workforces have routinely disapproved of the company’s response to the pandemic over the past several months, saying it has failed to sufficiently protect them from the coronavirus. Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, responded to the accusations, saying the company had made “great efforts” to protect workers.

While, the workers denied that at a Staten Island facility, called JFK8, claimed that Amazon had failed to follow public health strategies about the coronavirus, putting them and their family members at risk of constricting the disease. Barbara Chandler, one of the workforces who filed the lawsuit, was among the first confirmed cases of JFK8, according to the complaint. The lawsuit said that Chandler’s cousin, with whom she lived, died in April after suffering from coronavirus symptoms.

The lawsuit also alleged that Amazon violated New York labor law by failing to provide sick pay due to the Coronavirus “in a timely manner” and breaching its duty to maintain a safe workplace.

The official statement by Judge Brian Cogan rejected the employees ‘claims and deferred to OSHA in response to workers’ request for a court order requiring Amazon to follow public health standards.

They claimed “There is no doubt that shutting down JFK8 completely during the pandemic while continuing to provide employees with wages and benefits would be the best protection against infection in the workplace,” Coogan wrote in the ruling. “But someone has to strike a balance between maintaining a certain level of operations in conjunction with a certain level of protection measures.”

While Amazon has long-established that it has always followed public health guidelines about the Coronavirus and provided employees with adequate personal protective equipment. Now let’s see how things get better for the employees. Comment below to let us know your thoughts on it!

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