Juggle secures $2.1 million to expand the SaaS market for “flexible work” for workforces

Here’s a piece of interesting news for all the SaaS market lovers! As we’ve witnessed some amazing and some startups are hooking up to redesign themselves for a radically different world of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it turns out that others literally have a business model, which, although they couldn’t realize it at the time, might (almost) be specially designed for this era. Let’s highlighted it!!

Furthermore, the SaaS market has originally designed to serve as a marketplace to allow women workers at the executive level to re-enter the world of work in a flexible way after starting a family, it later expanded to include a wider market for anyone wanting to work with flexibility and for employers who need this type of workforce. But now, with the world of work totally upended by the pandemic, “resilience” is now literally the name of the game.

While some of the amazing benefits it will provide as It has now revealed its $2.1 million in financing from UK and US investors. Investors include a number of the UK’s leading angels, also among them are Oxford Capital, Social Capital, and 7percent Ventures. Other investors are Andrew Gault (who supported Oculus), Andreas Mihalovitz (a serial investor), Andrew J Scott (who supported Magic Bonnie), Charlie Kimber (backed by Casper), Charlie Songhurst, Curtis Chambers (a former employee of Uber), Pep Wilson (Entrepreneur & Investor), Rajiv Kapoor (East Coast Investor). With many companies moving to flexible working arrangements, whether that means telecommuting, part-time work, or shared roles, Juggle connects them to professionals who are not the usual “9 to 5” type. This will benefit the workforce in a better and improve way who are seeking employment and rejoin the work fields with a modern approach.

While the flexibility at work can cover the time someone is working, location, or style, such as job sharing. So, Juggle is pushing towards a really open door. A 2019 Aviva report found that a fifth of employees in the UK would not ask for flexibility because they are convinced it will be rejected, and 35 percent are uncomfortable with asking the employer for more flexibility. But more than a fifth of workers have switched companies or departments to create greater flexibility, and nearly half of them will consider switching if the new role is more suited to work/life needs. So, having a platform they can go to means that Juggle is likely to pick up a lot of these professionals who don’t want to work any other way.

How you can join? Well professionals register for the service, recruitment tools allow them to schedule and track job applications, training and support are also available. Juggle also provides Smart Match and paperwork to allow these flexible roles. Companies using Juggle are vetted to find the right candidate in advance to ensure they embrace flexibility so that both employers and employees know what they’re getting into. Now, let us how this works? Let us know in the comment section your thoughts on it!

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