Just in Kroger Delivery makes its way to Jacksonville Area


Just in: the largest grocery giant store Kroger will be opening its door in Jacksonville. While the Kroger grocery delivery centre is making its way and set up the preparation for the store and delivery. Another great thing about the store will be that you can easily place online and have it brought to your door the next day by the Kroger delivery.


In this regard, many shoppers in the area are very excited and excited to shop from Kroger. While they are also very excited about the delivery, as they don’t have to go out. While, Kroger spokesperson said the delivery system will be for next-day service, for a fee of $9.95.

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Furthermore, Kroger said the new service will also create 60 jobs in Jacksonville and operate from Imeson Park Boulevard, which has a listed zip code of 32218. A press release from Kroger quoted Mayor Lenny Curry, who said, “Every citizen of Jacksonville should have access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.” With many areas in Jacksonville within miles of a grocery store, Kroger stated that their plan is to target “all communities, including those that may have pockets of food deserts. And help them take advantage of the ability to order fresh, healthy food at a reasonable price. It is easily delivered to their homes.”

Another great thing about the service of Kroger which they emphasized that its delivery is an e-commerce delivery service that combines vertical integration. Machine learning and robotics with affordable, friendly and fast delivery of groceries and fresh foods. Samuels mentioned it sounded like DoorDash and said the extra fee might not be an issue. It might be expensive because it’s a Kroger, but it depends on what you buy and what you get,” Samuels said.

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