KFC launches chicken-free chicken burger


KFC Malaysia launched its Zero Chicken burger, a meat-free vegan burger flavored with Colonel’s Secret 11 herbs and spices recipe, but without chicken.


KFC launches chicken-free chicken burger 1

According to the fast food chain, this is a limited supply, “… to meet the growing Malaysian demand for new items and new options in their favorite foods.” The lean chicken burger is an alternative meat brand. A certified halal meat-free burger made in collaboration with Quorn. According to KFC Malaysia, the burger is high in protein, fiber, low in saturated fat and contains no cholesterol.

This meat-free burger is topped with 11 recipes of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s secret herbs and spices, then baked and topped with thin slices of cheese and lettuce, and topped with spicy barbecue sauce and mayonnaise, and on top of toasted sesame bread. However, the company stated that the burgers are neither vegan nor vegetarian because “the burgers are cooked fresh and share the same kitchen equipment as other KFC products.”

“In recent years, meat-free protein alternatives have become increasingly popular, and more and more people have been looking for alternative protein sources. This has led to the concept of ‘Zero Chicken’ – a chicken burger-free KFC is impeccable and satisfying. , Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director, Marketing Department, Kentucky, Malaysia.