KFC’s coveted chicken-scented firelogs to be exclusively launched by Walmart

Walmart brings its fried chicken-loving customers with the KFC’s highly coveted Herbs and Spices Firelog ensuring its customer satisfaction which is always a top priority for the multinational retail giant.

The retailing giant undergoes a partnership with the Enviro-log in the upcoming holiday season to ensure the customers are provided with the fresh scent of fried chicken and aren’t bored at their stay at home. The product is expected to hit the store shelves and Walmart.com on Monday.

Walmart has a lot to gain with this deal as the retailer looks forward to taking an edge over its competitors before the Black Friday sale. The company looks forward to the product because of the products being important over the holiday seasons. Due to the high consumption of such items, the item is expected to provide the company with huge profits over the course of the season.

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