Kroger 2X Fuel Points 🤑 Fuel Points Program


Are you shopping at Kroger? If yes, then you do know about the Kroger Fuel Points Program. In the Fuel points Program, you can get the points and can save on fuel. But do you know that earning more fuel points than usual is possible? Yes, by Kroger 2x Fuel Points you can earn the double amount of Fuel points than usual.


Kroger 2x Fuel Points is only valid on weekends. So if you are thinking to shop at Kroger on working days. Then think again because on weekends you can get more discounts and can also get Kroger 2x Fuel Points. But there are certain things you should really know about Kroger Fuel Points.

kroger 2x fuel points program

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One of those things is having a Kroger account. You can read the instructions mentioned below to know that “How You Can Create Kroger Account?” So do read the instructions because you need your Kroger Account to access the Kroger 2x Fuel Points.

How To Create A Kroger Account?

Just follow the simple instructions mentioned below to create a Kroger Account and see your Kroger Fuel Points.

  • First, go to the Kroger’s Official website at
  • There you will see a button labeled as “Sign-In
  • Click that button to see a new web-page 
  • On that page below the login form, you will see a button “Create An Account
  • You need to click that button to access the Sign-Up form
  • Make sure you fill in all the details to complete the Sign-Up process
  • And your Kroger Account will be created 

Now you can manage your Kroger Fuel Points easily. But before that, you should know that “How does Kroger 2x Fuel Points Work?” So read the working of the Kroger 2x Fuel Points Program below.

How Does Kroger 2x Fuel Points Program work?

So when you shop at Kroger on weekends and buy the products that are eligible to give you Kroger Fuel points. You will get a double amount of Fuel Points on those products than usual. Then you can redeem your Kroger 2x Fuel Points on any gas stations associated or owned by Kroger.

But do you know how much money you will save at Kroger Fuel with your Kroger 2x Fuel Points? If no, then do read about that below.

How Much Can You Save on Fuel By Kroger Fuel Points?

If you get your Kroger 2x Fuel Points you can save too much on your fuel at Kroger gas stations. For example

  • 100 Fuel Points Will Save You Up to 10 Cents Off Per Gallon
  • 200 Fuel Points Will Save You Up to 20 Cents Off Per Gallon
  • 1000 Fuel Points Will Save you Up to $1 Off Per Gallon

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