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Virginia Kroger accidentally injected an empty vaccine in place of the COVID vaccine, according to the company.


According to Allison McGee, director of Kroger Mid-Atlantic Corporate Affairs, this happened in Kroger, Midlothian, where there is a small clinic.

Va. Kroger accidentally gives empty shots instead of COVID vaccine, company says

“He missed one of our TLC sites and used an empty shot instead of the COVID-19 vaccine,” said McGee. “All affected customers have been contacted and the COVID-19 vaccine has now been received. Therefore, we apologize for the negligence and inconvenience these customers have experienced.”

Kroger and the small clinic had vaccinated nearly 863,000 people, the statement said.

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The TLC team immediately addressed this as all vaccinators received training and reminded us of the current vaccination policy. “We are working closely with the Virginia Department of Health in this area,” said McGee.

The company has not disclosed how many people have been affected by the vulnerability.

Read the official Kroger Statements below:

“We are proud of the more than 836,000 COVID-19 vaccinations our Kroger Health and The Little Clinic teams have administered to date across the country. Kroger encourages everyone to receive whichever vaccine is available to them at the earliest point they become eligible.

One of our TLC locations made a mistake and administered empty syringes instead of the COVID-19 vaccine. All impacted customers were contacted and have now received the COVID-19 vaccine. We apologize for this oversight and the inconvenience caused for these customers.

This was immediately addressed with the TLC team and all vaccinators were retrained and reminded of our current vaccination policies. We are working closely with the Virginia Department of Health on this matter.”

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