Kroger Accuracy Marketing Team Running Ads the shoppers Demands


According to the recent statement by the largest grocery retailer. Koger’s retail media commercial is premeditated to make the most of advertising effectiveness by responding to individual customer needs.


The digital team Chain Store Age recently spoke with Michael Schuh, Vice President, Product Strategy and Innovation at Kroger Precision Marketing. A division of Kroger Co. focuses on connecting brand partners with shoppers. The team described KPM’s mission and how it uses data analytics to deliver relevant ads that benefit both brands and customers.

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Here’s what they said while talking about digital growth and sales marketing “KPM was established for the purpose of leveraging first-party data, along with customer profiles, to make local advertising more effective wherever it is.” Schuh said. “Whether it’s a proprietary app or other channels like All recipes (through a partnership with Meredith), Pinterest or Roku connect the TV.” However, Schuh stressed that the purpose of KPM is not to unlock Kroger’s customer data as “free for all,” but rather to make the money brands spend on digital advertising more effective.

Furthermore, the team added that we use data relevance to inspire customers in a more impactful way,” Schuh explained. “A customer wants to shop and find products to feed his family. We handle advertising display and translate it at scale, in-store or online.

Based on its targeting efforts on the principle of “Right Data, Right Advertising, Right Customer”, KPM strives to help brands understand the impact of advertising after customers are shown. This includes providing information such as whether the customer made a purchase or spent more than they did before viewing the ad, such as after viewing the ad. According to Schuh, the response from customers and brands has been positive. Working with 1,300 brands, KPM has been able to provide improved targeting effectiveness with significant sales increases.

While the team said the shoppers can easily use the Kroger social media platforms to directly order and buy the products. Additionally, social media plays a really important role,” he said. “It will continue to be a place where people spend a lot of time. KPM is working really hard to achieve the targets till 2022.

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