Kroger Aims to Deliver 1 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Per Week | KE News


Kroger said Thursday it is working with federal and state agencies to provide 1 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine every week. The company said it would expand its capabilities through pharmacies, clinics and outside vaccination campaigns.


The store said it will focus on three FDA-approved vaccines within the first hour of pharmacy activity. Patients still need to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine, but the intense morning time allows for additional injections of the COVID-19 vaccine and helps reach the goal of one million doses per week.

Kroger Health will launch a new focus in Ohio this week, and as vaccines become more available and delivered, operations will launch in other states next week. The company also plans to enter into a partnership between Kentucky and Ohio to run 100 mass vaccination campaigns across the country.

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Kroger once paid his employees $ 100 to get the vaccine, and will continue to order masks in Texas and Mississippi, and those two states’ governorships have lifted these terms.

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