Kroger and Blue Cross Blue Shield fined for COVID-19 violations

According to the recent news and statement it coming into notice that more 25 workplaces in Michigan were cited for COVID-19 violations. This is according to the Michigan Department of Occupational Safety and Health. MIOSHA announced another batch of citations and fines last week. To date, the agency has cited more than 225 companies for not following the COVID-19 rules. Some of the laws were not followed by the companies which included Kroger’s employee etc.

While, the violations include not training employees, not requesting masks, and not alerting other employees when a worker is infected with the virus. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is included in the latest fines list. It is one of the first workplaces to have a problem getting employees to work in person while they can be working from home. The health insurance provider required union employees to work from the office, but allowed non-union employees who do similar jobs to work from home, according to the citation report.

Kroger and Blue Cross Blue Shield fined for COVID-19 violations

Furthermore, the company said in a statement that Blue Cross Blue Shield had resumed the citations. The nonprofit processes 47,000 claims per hour of work, according to the statement. “These services, which include federally protected health information for our members, are the best and most secure in the secure environments of our facilities and enterprise IT infrastructure,” the company said in the statement. “Performing these essential functions within our facilities is the best way to protect the health of our members and secure their privacy … We are disappointed that the state has not collected complete information, and we are confident of our appeal.

So far, no business has succeeded in appealing to quote it. There are currently 20 citations on appeal, according to the MIOSHA dashboard. Other workplaces to be fined include a marijuana dispensary, multiple school districts, a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, a golf course, multiple restaurants, a tourist attraction, Kroger Park and a mobile home park. If the employers fix the problems and agree not to appeal, they only have to pay 50% of the fine. Workplaces have 15 business days to challenge MIOSHA citations.

Kroger employees with questions about COVID-19 workplace policies can call the MIOSHA hotline at 855-723-3219. To file a complaint against the workplace, go to Employee complaints prompted searches for 24 of the 25 most recent citations. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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