Kroger and Woolworths to Expand Reusable Packaging Trials for Storage

The known and largest US grocery chain Kroger and Australian Woolworths are expanding chains looking to reduce plastic waste. After an online beta test in 2019, Kroger is expanding the experience with Loop, a global reusable packaging platform, to 25 Fred Meyer stores. In Portland, Oregon, for six months starting in the second half of 2021, Keith Daily, Kroger’s vice president of corporate affairs, said in a statement.

Furthermore, with a separate Loop aisle, shoppers will be able to pick up health and beauty, groceries, and cleaning products in glass bottles and aluminum boxes. They can be returned to stores when finished to be cleaned, refilled, and used again.

Kroger and Woolworths to Expand Reusable Packaging Trials for Storage

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In addition, about 20 products will initially be offered to customers, which will include Kroger’s brand essentials such as Simple Truth soap. But the majority are expected to be from national brands. While the companies such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Clorox are some of Loop’s global partners. But they weren’t It’s immediately clear which of these brands will be part of Kroger’s initial testing. Customers will be charged a minimum deposit fee that can be refunded on returns through the Loop mobile app, Tom Szaky, founder of TerraCycle, the waste management platform that created Loop, said. Deposits range from 15 cents for a bottle of Coca-Cola to $10 for a pack of Clorox wipes.

Here’s what Kroger has to say: “Our plan has always been to launch in-store. This has been delayed due to the (COVID-19) pandemic, largely due to supply chain constraints…but we are happy to launch now to see a future with zero-waste packaging.” Loop said experiences will be launched at Woolworth grocery stores in Australia next year building on programs already rolled out with Tesco in the UK and Aeon in Japan this year, and Carrefour in France in 2020. The company is also currently testing reusable coffee cups in six McDonald’s outlets in the UK and will expand similar experiences with Burger King and Tim Hortons to more markets next year.

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