Kroger Announced Another #communityimmunity Winner


Just in: According to Kroger giant retailer in the town have just announced the grand prize winner. While the #immunitycommunity declared the central Ohio man a winner who won the free groceries for a year from the Kroger Vaccine campaign


Now, the winner from the Ohio, Mr Michael Dattrey is one of 50 people who won’t have to pay for groceries for a year in Kroger after winning the Immunity Society series. This campaign started subsequently from the last month and it will be running till the July 31st.

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Furthermore, Kroger has started this campaign to get the vaccination shot from any of the Kroger health center and you will get a chance to win huge prizes like free grocery for a year and 5$ million prizes. Plus, the winner Mr Michael don’t have to worry about paying for groceries for a while after winning the Kroger Scholarship for Community Immunity. As the grand prize winner, Michael Datry won free groceries for a year at the grocery chain.

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Now, if you haven’t gotten your vaccination shot and want to learn how to get a chance to enter in a lucky draw. Then go to COVID-19 vaccine at Kroger Pharmacy and get yourself a COVID-19 shot and you can enter the giveaway for a chance to win $1 million or free groceries for a year. Five people will win $1 million while another 50 will win free groceries for a year, valued at about $13,000.

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