Kroger Becomes the Helping Hand to Mother Daughter

Yes! You heard it right! Kroger one of the largest grocery store chains in America becomes the helping hand to mother and daughter who was left out from their home in Dallas.

According to the television telecast most of the viewers have responds after seeing our story about a North Texas mother who was evicted with her three girls from their apartment in Dallas.

Kroger Becomes the Helping Hand to Mother Daughter

In this regard, the Junay McKinley’s family was fired even though they handed over the required affidavit under the CDC moratorium. She and her five, seven and eight-year-old daughters had to move into a hotel due to this incident.

Previously, Mark Milton was working with a group of counsels who were offering to help occupants facing eviction during the pandemic. He took her case for free – and helped the family return to their apartment. This story was aired on the tv channel in hunger end series, where they showcase the victims who have been suffering in covid-19.

After the series went on air, one of the representatives at Kroger, called the show representative. They surprised the McKinley family on Monday with a gift card to help pay for groceries to help get the family back on their feet.

Here’s the official statement by the Kroger store they said that “Your story has really affected us, and therefore, on behalf of Kroger, we want to take care of your grocery needs for at least the next two months to help you on your journey to help you and your lovely children get back on your feet again,”

McKinley told us she received an overwhelming response from people who offered assistance with rent, things for their apartment, and even some job offers. “I want to say thank you Kroger for everything. We’ve been blessed for everything you’ve done guys and now my kids know that people are good people, and everyone is not bad in this world.” McKinley said, “There are good people who care and this. What it means most to me is that there are interested people. ” Now, this is thoughtful and very kind! What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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