Kroger begins accepting workers’ replacement requests as the prospect of work stoppages looms


This news is for all those who have been waiting and seeking job hunts in Kroger. Now, Kroger’s official website has announced that they have started accepting replacement application from the job hunters for future hiring.


According to the amalgamation representing thousands of Kroger, employees have yet to draw a flat line in the sand regarding a potential strike action, but the national grocery chain is already preparing to boost its workforce in the event of a strike. Recently, Kroger placed statements stating that they are “accepting applications for alternative employment as a precaution due to a potential dispute with UFCW Local 400.” (if you don’t know about it you can view in our blogs). The advertisement advises prospective applicants to speak with the hiring manager and/or apply on the company’s website via “alternate clerk” job announcements.

Furthermore, the announcement came in highlight right after the response to last week’s United Food and Commercial Workers 400 rejection of the Kroger Mid-Atlantic Division’s latest contract bid. Kroger stated that this contract offer was finally rejected in a union vote, which also overwhelmingly approved a strike proposal if it did not receive a better offer. Talks are continuing between the two sides, although no possible deadline has been set for this upcoming bid. Likewise, for the timetable regarding a possible strike, union leaders said they continue to explore all options and scenarios.

Though the company Kroger administrators said that it is running “business as usual” in the meantime, we must be preparing for the worst-case scenario.

The official stated “The union has obtained permission to strike. This does not mean the strike will happen,” said Alison McGee, the corporate affairs director at Kruger. At this point, the union had not called a strike and it was business as usual at Kroger.

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