Kroger Bonus Pay | Kroger ThankYou Bonus For Employees


Kroger Bonus Pay is another employee bonus. It was announced after the Kroger Hero Pay. The Kroger Bonus pay is also known as Kroger ThankYou Bonus.


Kroger ThankYou Bonus will benefit Kroger Employees a lot. They will get $200 for Partime and $400 for Fulltime. The bonus will be paid in two installments.

Other than Kroger Bonus Pay (Kroger ThankYou Bonus), employees get many other discounts as well. They receive different bonuses on a monthly bases.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits that employees receive at Kroger.

What Are the Benefits That Employees Receive at Kroger?

Kroger employees are given many benefits from the company. Some of them are mentioned below

MyLifeAtKroger Portal

If you think that Kroger ThankYou Bonus is the only benefit that Kroger employees received. Then you are wrong. MyLifeAtKroger is an online portal provided by Kroger.

The employees at Kroger access MyLife At Kroger portal online at This portal is created for both the Current and Former employees of Kroger.

They can access a lot of benefits using this portal. Some of the benefits are mentioned below

Benefits at MyLifeAtkroger

  • Employees get a 10% discount at Kroger stores
  • Furthermore, they get different medical plans, dental plans, and much more at MyLifeAtKroger portal
  • Moreover, the employees will also get the Stock Exchange, life insurance, and a lot more
  • Furthermore, you can also get insurance programs such as life/auto insurance and other insurance programs
  • The employee will also get other palms for education, cell phone purchases, and vehicle purchases, and many more

This is not it. You can use the Kroger Express HR and portal as well. The other benefits you receive are at these portals are 

Kroger Express HR and Benefits

  • See the latest Kroger feeds at these portals
  • Furthermore, you can see your work schedule
  • You can also manage your personal information
  • Your job-related information can also be managed
  • Moreover, you can perform your W4 change
  • You can also check your HR Express Paystubs