Kroger called Argus the winner after the pandemic

Remember when Kroger and their partner Argus were collaborated? Now, Kroger and Argus is back on Kroger (-0.1% KR) after attending last week’s investor meeting.

In this regard, Analyst Chris Garja stated her thoughts which are as following. While Kroger has benefited from higher grocery demand with the spread of the Coronavirus. We believe the company has excellent prospects after the crisis, with the help of affordable private brands and robust customer analysis. As well as through online ordering and pavement selection – in.

Kroger called Argus the winner after the pandemic

In addition, almost all of its stores. The epidemic pushed the US economy into recession, led to high unemployment rates, and destroyed large components of the retail market. It has caused investors to distinguish between business models that are in a good position for the future and those that face major challenges. ”

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While, the Kroger is called a survivor because it takes market share before and after the pandemic with the help of competitive pricing. Argus expects KR’s EBIT to rise over the next few years as the company benefits from ongoing investments and new dividend streams. Argus maintains a buy rating on Kroger and target price at $ 42 against the average Wall Street target price of $ 35.67. Now, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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