Kroger Cash Back: How Does It Work?


Kroger Cash Back is started is a new way to save money at Kroger. In this new program, customers can get rewards by spending money or shopping at Kroger. So whenever you shop at Kroger, you can participate in Kroger Cash Back.


You need to have a Kroger Shopper’s Card to redeem the Kroger Cash Back Offers. All you need to do is to load the offers into your Shopper’s Card, and you will have the reward in no time.

Furthermore, the Kroger Cash Back offers are limited to some items at the store. You can not receive this offer on all products. So when you purchase a product with respect to Kroger Cash Back, your balance will begin to increase.

You can then get your rewards in either your Shopper’s Card or your PayPal Account. So let’s read what is required to use the Cash Back, and how will we use it.

How to Load Kroger Cash Back Offers?

To load Cash Back offers into your account, you need to follow the two simple steps mentioned below

Requirements to Redeem Cash Back Rewards

All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below to redeem the Kroger Cash Back rewards

  • First, you need to log in to your Kroger Digital Account
  • Then cash out your Cash Back rewards
  • You can use two methods to do so
    • Shopper’s Card
    • PayPal Account

Please note one thing that if you are using your PayPal account to redeem the Cash Back rewards, then you can only do it yourself. Your family members or someone else is not allowed to do so.

In case of Shopper’s Card, your family members can redeem the rewards, and can also use them on their next visit.

How to Cash Out Your Cash Back Rewards Into Your Shopper’s Card?

You will need your Shopper’s Card to cash out your Cash Back rewards into your card. But you can only get up to $99.99 per day. You can redeem your remaining Cash Back rewards on your next visit.

There are certain products on which the earnings from the Cash Back rewards offers are not applied. That includes

  • Fuel
  • Gift Cards
  • Alcohol
  • Pharmacy Purchases
  • Tobacco
  • Lottery

How to Cash Out Your Kroger Cash Back Rewards Into Your PayPal Account?

You just need to have $20 in your Cash Back account to start cashing out the rewards into your PayPal account. The maximum amount that you can cash out is $99.99 into your PayPal Account per day.

Other Questions People Ask

Q: What is the Number Of Cash Back Offers You Can Load Into Your Shopper’s Card?

Ans: You can Load about 150 Cashback offers per household at a time into your Shopper’s Card

Q: How to View the Cash Back offers That Are Already Loaded Into Your Shopper’s Card?

Ans: Sign In to your Kroger account, then click on ” My Cash Back offers”. You will view a new page on which you can see the already loaded offers into your Shopper’s Card.

Q: How Much Time Does It Takes Your Cash Back Offers And Rewards To Be Activated On Your Card?

Ans: When you load the offers into your card, they will become available for you. But your rewards will be available within a week after you load the offers.