Does Kroger Do Cash Back? Offers, Rewards, and More


Many customers, while shopping at Kroger ask a question frequently; Does Kroger Do Cash Back? Yes, Kroger does Cash Back. Customers can get Cash Back offers and rewards based on their purchases.


If you want to know more about the Kroger Cash Back Program, then keep reading the details given in the content below. More so, you will also know about the discounts or rewards you will get.

What Is Kroger Cash Back?

Kroger Cash Back is a new program started by Kroger. In this program, you will earn money or cashback on items you purchase. Simply put, only the items that qualify in the program will let you earn any rewards or discounts.


Furthermore, you can load the Cash Back offers into your Shopper’s Card and get rewards on qualifying purchases. After you have received the cashback, you can load it into your Shopper’s card or PayPal account.

How to Use Kroger Cash Back?

We have explained the Kroger Cash Back Program step-by-step below. Make sure to read all the main points given below.

  • First, you need to purchase anything from or Kroger App
  • Now load the offers into your Kroger Digital Account
  • Then you will get cash back on qualifying purchases
  • After that, wait for a week to receive the cash back
  • Waite for about seven days to cash out your current cashback balance
  • And then transfer the amount into your Shopper’s Card

Requirements For Kroger Cash Back 2022

Following are the things you will need for Kroger Cash Back to work.

  • Mobile, PC, Tablet, or Laptop connected to an internet connection
  • A Kroger Digital Account, if you don’t have one, click here to create
  • Your Kroger Shopper’s Card or PayPal account

Kroger Cash Back: Limitations and Availability

If you want to use Kroger Cash Back Offers, you need to know the limitations of this program beforehand. To help you with that and tell you the Kroger Cash Back Limit, we have mentioned the details below.

  • You can only cash out the Kroger Cash Back Amounts once a day
  • Furthermore, the Kroger Cash Back limit is $99.99 per day or per transaction
  • Moreover, you can only load a combined 150 offers including your Cash Back Offers and Digital Coupons are allowed per household member per day
  • Also, the Kroger Cash Back Rewards will be available to you within a week after you load the offers

How to View Cash Back Offers That Are Already Loaded Into Your Shopper’s Card?

If you want to check the Kroger Cash Back offers that are already loaded into your Kroger Shopper’s Card, then follow the steps given below.

  • First, you need to access your Kroger Account at or Kroger App
  • To do that, make sure to use valid login credentials and then proceed
  • Now click the “My Cash Back Offers” button to view all the offers
  • You will see the offers that are already loaded into your Shopper’s Card


Whether you are using the website or you are viewing Kroger Cash Back on App, the process is similar. So don’t get confused while completing the steps.

Kroger Cash Back On Debit Cards

If you are using your debit card to shop at Kroger, you will still be able to avail the Kroger Cash Back offers. Not only that, but it has the highest cash-back limit. You can get up to $300 Cash Back while using a Debit card or Kroger Rewards Prepaid Visa Debit Card.

Furthermore, while cashing out the balance, you will be charged a $3.50 fee for a $100 to $300 balance. In the case of the Kroger Rewards Prepaid Visa Debit Card, you will be charged a $0.50 fee for cash back up to $100.

Can You Get Kroger Cash Back While Using Credit Card?

Unfortunately, Kroger does not offer Cash Back to Credit Card customers. But because Kroger Stores are part of the Discover Cash Over Program, you can get Cach Back on Discover Credit Cards.

The limit however is $120 per day. More so, you will not be charged any fee on transactions including Discover Credit Cards. But the regular interest rates will still be charged on Cash Back transactions.

Can You Get Cash Back on Checks and EBT?

On Checks and on EBT, you will be able to get cashback via Kroger Cash Back Program. However, in the case of a check, the limit is very low. You will only get $20 in cash back on purchases you make with a personal check.

On the other hand, EBT Cardholders can get $50 to $100 Cash Back. So it’s on you, what you use to pay your bills can affect the amount of cashback you will receive.

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Kroger Cash Back: Contact Information

If you have any questions or issues regarding the Kroger Cash Back Program, then use the contact details given below to get further assistance from Kroger Support Staff.

  • Kroger Customer Service Number: 1 (800) 576-4377

Reference Website

Connect With Kroger

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That is all with the Kroger Cash Back for now. If after reading this content, you think we have missed something major, then let us know via the comment section below. For any other queries or requests, you can email us at [email protected].