Kroger Cash Back – Should You Ask For Cash Back or Not?

Kroger’s grocery store is now changing the policy of returning cashback to its customers on using their debit card. Now customers will be charged 50 cents to $3.50 on withdrawing money from your checking account, at the register. Kroger announced this change in policy through a since deleted tweet, about which the customers are not happy.

Many of the customers are tweeting about being charged the fee for doing the debit card transactions, to which Kroger has responded saying that receiving cashback from debit card transactions is for customers’ convenience, as it saves them money and a trip to ATM. It allows the customers to receive a cashback of up to $300. The fee for this process is charged because the banks and the retailers have increased the amount of ATM fee along with limiting the amount of cashback.

Several customers have also mentioned that they didn’t have to pay the debit card transaction fee after showing their plus card, to which Kroger responded by saying that this is not the case as there was some miscommunication and the fee is not waived for anybody.