Kroger Caught Fire & Causes store evacuation for several hours

According to the official news, Kroger one of the finest and largest grocery store chain has been under fire and causes store evacuation for several hours. Several customers who shopped in the Kroger in Brownstown on Monday had their visit cut short after a radiator fire broke out.

Kroger Caught Fire & Causes store evacuation for several hours

Furthermore, Brownstown fire chief Geoff Drouillard said the department received a call at around 11:50 a.m. from the Kroger store at 20645 Gibraltar Road. Upon their arrival, much of the fire was extinguished with a fire extinguisher, but Drouillard said a white substance from the extinguisher was hovering all over the store.

While, the fire chief, at that time a maintenance worker was doing the chiller maintenance. Here’s what the official statement have said. “There was a slight haze all over the store,” said Drouillard. “Something may have reduced the internal drive.” According to the report of the incident, it is reported that one person was slightly injured in the accident, but he was not hospitalized. When the fire chief arrived, he said evacuation procedures are underway, but people are still stuck inside and out.

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The store, Kroger has been completely evacuated and Drouillard said he has closed the store so it can be cleaned professionally. “They will have to do a thorough cleaning,” he said. “They have to get someone in there. I called the Wayne County Health Department as well. They should stay locked until everything is done.” The fire contained the radiator that was in the production area. Some of the store’s products had to be discarded due to the accident. The store reopened and was back in business at around 5pm. Monday. We hope that everyone is safe and sound, especially the shoppers who were shopping at that time. Let us know in the comment section below!

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