Kroger Chefbot Bringing Food Recipes


Kroger is a food waste company that has reduced all the waste to a very minimum. They have created ways to help others reduce their food waste as well. In 3 out of 5 families food is wasted every day, either raw or cooked meals.


Food additives or food meal boxes expire in the refrigerators of stores every day. These food items are then thrown away in the bin. Kroger as a large company has taken the initiative for minimizing the amount of food wasted in the world. If this food can get distributed among the poor and hungry, many problems could be solved.

Food Waste Campaigns

The company started a few campaigns for minimizing food waste. It stated Zero Hunger | Zero Waste in 2018, feed the hungry campaign nearly after it, its Nostalgia podcast, and the recipes they posted on their website. All these campaigns were started when the company realized that many people die due to zero nourishment, in a day. These campaigns were appreciated by every society and accepted by many other companies.

Kroger Food Waste Annually

The company has been able to reduce the food wasted by making a limited amount to sell. It reduced the waste to a minimum of 20% to 30%.  This percentage is expected to go lower with the hard work they put in for this. They have distributed meals to millions of families as well as distributing money to families. The company has created ways to help others join in this charitable work. An associate at Kroger announced that once they have the means to finish wastage of food they will share with all other retail companies that may or may not be throwing away food intentionally and intentionally.

Kroger Chefbot on Twitter

The chefs at its stores work to bring for you the yummiest tasteful recipes for your hunger pangs. They have experimented with a very different product in the store. The recipes they bring for you consist of all things available. They are specially designed in such a way that even a gram of lentil or rice will not go wasted anymore. It’s a must-try at least once in your life. They will not disappoint you or even ask for you to go shopping.

Tweeting Your Ingredients

It’s easy to get a recipe for the ingredients you have. All you have to do is tweet a picture or names of all ingredients in the kitchen at Kroger Chefbot. The bot does not take any longer than a minute to reply to your tweet. It finds you easy to cook with all same ingredients to give you a plentiful meal. This is found to be a good way to not waste any more food than we already do and on the plus side, the food is deliciously pleasing. The bot is a helping hand for the recipes you cannot think of and others may even call it a personal chef.