Kroger claims that its Drone delivery program is showing success

According to Kroger, the largest superstore chain stated that their drone delivery service is showing success in its early stages.  However, the success ratio shows that Kroger customers are getting a glimpse into the future as groceries which are now being delivered to them by drone. While the Kroger drone delivery program has been in the works for about three months.

Here’s what Jennifer Moore said regarding the Kroger campaign of drone delivery. While she said that it has been a hit so far. As we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so the reason it’s common is that families can order groceries for someone who might be in quarantine. And have it delivered right at their door,” Moore said. “It’s an easy convenience for our customers.”

Kroger claims that its Drone delivery program is showing success

If you haven’t ordered your grocery yet Here’s how you can use this service. Once a customer places an order online, the food, which should be five pounds or less, is weighed, then bubbled and packed into a box. From there it is loaded onto the drone for takeoff. Since the launch of the drone program, there have already been some improvements. Instead of pre-selected packages, customers can now choose their items.

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While deliveries are currently limited to a one-mile radius, but Kroger is planning to expand it in the future. The hope is to expand the service in the next few months. Drone deliveries are free and guaranteed to arrive within an hour. If you have used Kroger’s drone delivery services then share your experience with us by commenting below in the comment section.

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