Kroger; Clean, Green, and Safe ✅ or a Threat to our Ecosystem?


Kroger Company was found by Bernard H. Kroger in 1883. He put nearly all his life savings which were around 372 dollars, with a partner who had 350 dollars. This Company was a small grocery store which later prospered and grew a lot more. They opened their pharmacy and bakery while owning many other stores and brands.


What is considered clean, green, and safe?

Any store that does not use plastic, waste food or water, throw away good enough products, and hoard items are considered environmentally friendly. These types of stores are usually also employee-friendly as those who care about the environment will car about the ones living in it as well. By employee-friendly, I mean providing a safe and cordial workplace, a diverse and open environment, and also a social security w2.

Brands that you can spend on carefree

The brands stated below all use recycled items to make their products. These are 100% biodegradable and/or recycled.

  1. Elate Beauty
  2. Paper Culture
  3. Native Shoes
  4. Viva Terra
  5. Aether Beauty
  6. Rareform
  7. Pela Phone cases
  8. Preserve
  9. Stasher Bags
  10. Bambu
  11. Pact
  12. Kaffee form
  13. Bathing Culture
  14. Prana Snacks
  15. Beyond Meat

What is plastic doing to our environment?

Plastic is nondegradable, thus it means that it can not be decomposed in the soil. A small piece of plastic takes about 1000 years to fully decompose. In some countries, the plastic bags are thrown away casually. These plastic bags then get under the earth as the wind carries dust and other particles over it. This causes a layer of plastic inside the soil. As the layer completely settles down, it creates problems for rainwater to be absorbed; making a rise in floods.

Plastic in water creates the same amount of problems, if not more, as on the soil. When there is plastic in the oceans or seas, fishes may tend to choke on them or get themselves twisted in the released strings. It causes a lot of fishes to die daily. With the amount of water getting polluted and destroyed, fishes may be extinct sooner than we think. Sometimes these plastic bags contained chemicals that were transferred to other places. Plastic has a tendency to absorb some harmful chemicals. These chemicals then get underwater with the plastic, causing more pollution than the plastic itself.

Greenhouse gases and fossil fuels

In the United States, most of the companies use fossil fuels to make their products. Fossil fuels are non-renewable; they take around a million years to form. An alternative for them would be solar power, wind energy, geothermal energy, etc.

Greenhouse gases are the enemy of our ecosystem. They are destroying the ozone layer and creating a harmful atmosphere for us to breathe in. These gases are mostly emitted from industrial machinery. They slowly but surely are making the air and water poisonous for both humans and animals.

Kroger’s initiative to finish plastic bags

In 2018, Kroger initiated its plastic-free stores. They released the news in 2018 that they will phase out all the single-use plastic bags by 2025. They did not wait to implement this initiative and instantly started with it in their quality food centers in Seattle. In 2019, they came on the second number in the 2019 supermarket plastics scorecard. This proved that Kroger is not just talking the talk but also walking the walk. Just the same as this, this company is an employee-friendly place as well. ExpressPay is used by Kroger to pay its employees on time and with perfect amounts. According to a few reviews on other forums, this company is better in matters of w2 that w2 by Burger king or w2 by McDonald’s. The company is reusing and recycling at least 90% of its waste.

kroger store

Zero Hunger│Zero Waste Initiative

Kroger started this initiative back in 2017. They said that they will reduce all the waste made by their stores to a minimum of 10%. They decided to help their customers reduce waste with their easy to make recipes as well. Kroger revealed that 31 out of 33 plants they own are zero waste. They have helped around thousands of families who cannot afford good food. They donated more than a million rupees for food-insecure families. They also reduced the waste that was created by their stores. The pamphlet shown below was taken from Kroger’s website exclusively. It clearly shows what their goals are for the next 5 years.

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kroger zero hunger zero waste

The Decision to Use Reusable Bags

When the company decided to eliminate the use of plastic bags, reusable bags made their way inside the stores.  These bags are recycled and reused again and again. Kroger as a company took the first step to eradicate pollution from inside before implementing these good habits on their customers and fellow companies. The company said that by 2020 all the plastic from there 2757 stores will be eradicated. This proves that they are very serious about this matter.

kroger store

Will Kroger achieve its goals?

If we go through all the facts and figures we can see that the Company has been consistent in its plans for the past 3 years. They have successfully saved millions of dollars for charity and also donated meals in a large quantity, while still making enough profit. I will base m theory solely on these facts and say that by 2020, Kroger could become a company with zero products wasted and using only paper bags or reusable bags in their stores. Many small stores have been able to overcome this industrial century. Today, all things are so expensive that many worldwide stores decide to use cheaper alternatives. These alternatives are light on money but heavy on the environment. I think that we can rely on the fact that this specific expanded Company will become completely eco-friendly. The vice president of corporate affairs at Kroger stated that they will try to help other companies to overcome this as well.

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