Kroger closing Indianapolis Brand Ripples


Kroger is a store with many different other smaller brands. It has owned more than 24 chains for the longest of time. It has benefitted from all these stores for 60 to 70 years by now.


The company is worth under 75 billion dollars quite easily. With all the other chains helping it reach this worth, they are collectively known as the Kroger family now. Other brands like Ralph’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Baker’s, Fred Meyer’s, and more are owned by this company. The brand Ripples played its part in this as well for the last 66 years.

Ripples Standing Since

The Broad Ripple Village has been standing since 1954. It has been bringing in a lot of money to the Kroger family with its sales. The store used to sell all types of products such as fresh food products, vegetables, and fruits. It also sold frozen items that were necessary. It was a small homely grocery store. The residents of the village said their goodbyes to the store recently. They explained how this store was supported because of the fresh items and humbleness received. Although the store has played its role now for 66 years, it will be missed by the regulars. It had been selling fresh items at affordable prices, unlike other big stores that would double the price.

Announcement of Closing

Kroger announced in October that the store in the north of Broad Ripple Indianapolis will be closing down in 30 days. The reason stated was that due to more fresh markets opening nearby, the store was not making good money. Even though many stores and businesses closed down during Coronavirus, the grocery stores were the only ones that attained something. While the employees working at this store have been promised jobs by the company, the customers do not look very happy. This will be the last month regulars can buy items they like. The executive director of the association also indicated that the parking lot is a problem for the community. The management has assured everyone that all employees will be looked after by the company as jobs will be provided.

Customers Reactions

The customers were devastated upon hearing the news of the oldest standing grocery store now being closed. A customer said that she would visit the store at least 5 times a week. She was a regular at the store since it had opened. Her reason for visiting was that neighbors should have these small stores and hence should be praised for their work. Another customer was already sad about the closing of the Atlas store in Broad Ripples. She said that they could not handle more food stores closing down. They expressed their grief by remembering the past times the store had been there. A community member stated that the closing down does not affect the village on its own but seeing it go is hard to fathom. A reason mentioned for the grief was another affordable store closing.

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