Kroger Collaborates With Whisk For A Greater Good


We all know Kroger always looks out for us. It is solely the main reason why it has upheld its rank throughout 137 years of its existence.


One might think that it is the strategies, the employees, the environment, the capital, or any other things, that are necessary to run a business but in this specific case, one might have to think a little differently.

Now, to give you a dive insight on this whole Kroger collaborating with whisk scenario. This all started back in April of 2020 according to a spokesperson of Whisk. In case you are wondering what is Whisk? Whisk is basically a smart food company owned by Samsung Next or well, in easy words an online mobile application where you can find recipes of all kinds.

We are clearly aware of how this year has been hard for everyone. With all the Corona Virus situation going on, no one has had a goodnight-sleep in a long time. Kroger, on the other hand, has always been keen and determined to do what is safe and better for both Kroger customers and employees. According to the company, by partnering with Whisk, Kroger has become a purchase option for the more than 500 million recipes monthly on Whisk’s digital platform.

Everyone in this world has been trying his best to not go out and stay away from the virus as far as possible. Kroger’s customers’ concerns are far too important for Kroger and by keeping those in mind, it has taken this step. Last week, Kroger launched Chefbot, and now partnering with Whisk, Kroger sure knows how to keep people safe.

For those looking for answers to how might this partnership work? Keep reading further.

How does their partnership works?

Their partnership can be said as directly proportional to each other. And the answer to how it works is simple, Whisk is basically a digital program which converts all the recipes into a shop-able list, using its artificial intelligence and its high tech language processor to learn about whether the ingredients that are on the shop-able list is available in Kroger store or not.

Since Kroger is always the bigger and better thinker, one might wonder about the delivery, how, and when it’s done. Kroger has come up with a solution to that problem too. All the customers can easily pick up and they can also get the ingredients delivered to their houses through delivery services Kroger provides.  

This stupendous partnership will be available in almost 35 states all across America where people can not only get ingredients delivered to their house but also they can save the recipe, create their own recipes, and share their recipes digitally.

In a recent interview, Kroger’s High authority explained that Kroger and Whisk have been in touch for a long time but these pasts months especially when the virus escalated the surface of this Earth, they are now closer than ever. Providing people with the best of best service they can.

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