Kroger Covid Vaccine Appointments & Rewards of $5 Million


We are all in Covid-19 struggle and to make our world free from covid-19. In this Kroger is taking a great step to provide walk-in Kroger covid vaccine and taking appointments as well. But this is not all! In an effort to help advance President Joe Biden’s goal of accelerating coronavirus vaccination among adults in the United States.


The Kroger Corporation this week launched a $5 million giveaway for individuals receiving a COVID shot from the Kroger Health Facility.

kroger covid vaccine appointments & Rewards of $5 Million

Kroger announced to the program follows a collaboration with the Biden administration to encourage increased vaccinations. As part of a national push to get at least 70% of US adults with at least their first dose by July 4. Cincinnati-based Kroger said the prizes will include five million-dollar gifts for a total of $5 million and 10 free groceries each week for five weeks. For a total of 50 winners. The program starts on June 3 from tomorrow.

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“To vaccinate more Americans and help end this pandemic, we all have to do our part, and it is exciting that Kroger is using innovative approaches to encourage vaccination among its millions of customers across the country,” said Ian Sams, assistant deputy secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services.  Kroger Health, the healthcare division of Kroger Corporation. They are also taking Covid-19 vaccination as well.

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