Kroger denied having a gas station at the location of a new store in St. Clair Shores

Noting that there was a “great opportunity” for Kroger to plan a petrol station at the site of its newest store on Harper Avenue on Nine Mile Road. Before another owner built one on the corner, the city council voted 6-0 to reject the site plan to approve the Kroger gas station on the same property.

According to the news, Mayor Cape and Albi told Kroger’s representative at a city council meeting on April 19 that when the company was in front of the city council in September 2017, city officials asked if they would take over the then-vacant gas station on the corner of Nine Mile Road and Harper Street.

Kroger denied having a gas station at the location of a new store in St. Clair Shores

“Kroger said that buying the vacant station was not an option at that point Kroger didn’t have the ability to place a station on the site,” Albie said. “The gas station today, which is being refurbished there, was voted (on) by this body on June 4, 2018. There was a great opportunity for Kroger to put the gas station there before another station appeared. “Kroger, I am worried that you will destroy another business in the St. Clair Shores.”

Matthew Pisco was before City Council on April 19, representing Kroger of Michigan in seeking approval for the site plan for the Kroger Gas Station at 20660 Nine Mile Road, west of the gas station now being built by Ali Bazy. The Bazi station, which will be the Shell petrol station, is planned to include a 2,800-square-foot store on the south side of the property and four pumps serving eight cars simultaneously under the fuel canopy. Pisco said the Kroger gas station would be different, offering only a small kiosk rather than a large supermarket, and selling gasoline, diesel and EO, which is an ethanol-free fuel that is better for smaller engines like those in boats.

The property was under development as Panera Bread, but that company backed out of the project, and so it became available. Pisco said there were legal reasons why Kroger could not develop the corner package as a gas station before he bought it in costume. “We love being in your community, obviously; we’ve put a $ 30 million investment behind that. That’s an additional $ 2 million investment.” Our development is restricted in that corner. There were legal reasons we couldn’t. We could not legally develop these properties, according to the lease agreement. ” He said that Kroger Gas has a completely different business model than Shell Station with its supermarket. He added that a lot of people are loyal to the brand and will buy from Shell regardless of the price difference between it and Kroger. Council member Chris Vitale indicated that Kroger would not sub-lease the storefront that he maintains at 13 Mile Road on Harper Avenue to a competing grocer, so he asked why the company felt it was acceptable for the city to agree to compete for another business.

Here we are with someone who came and invested in a petrol station and now we’ll put a bigger and more luxurious petrol station next to it? If that gas station fails, it will stay there… empty. You can stay there for 20 years and be vacant and a scourge in the city,” said Vitaly.

While Pisco said Kroger will remove the gas station in front of the former store on Harper Avenue at 13 Mile Road when the lease expires, but the gas station on Nine Mile Road and Jefferson Avenue will remain open. City councilors urged Kroger to work with the owner of the other gas station to incorporate some ideas from the Kroger gas station into the Shell gas station plans. Now what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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