Kroger Employee’s Honest Gesture Wins Heart

Recently, an incident took place at Louisville Kroger. Where the Kroger employee finds a $ 1,000 money order and helps return it to the rightful owner. While, the employee named Terry Rush began working at the Kroger on the Dixie Highway about a year ago.

It is a welcome or specialist in customer engagement. Its role is to welcome customers into the store and make their experience a positive one.

Kroger Employee’s Honest Gesture Wins Heart

Here’s what he said further about it “I can see about 800-1000 people a day, and hear all of their stories, and I’m basically trying to make them feel good when they come so they come back and fill their cart again,” Rush said. A recent encounter while cleaning inside the store stopped it in its path. “I’m old,” said Rush. “I hate seeing trash on the floor, and I always collect it.” But this time, it wasn’t rubbish. Instead, Rush finds a $ 1000 money order. He said one of the clients had lost it.

“This (a check) was naked, and anyone could cash it,” he said. “And I immediately took him to the service office.” While, at Dixie Highway Kroger. He was hoping that the rightful owner would contact the store soon, which is exactly what happened. “He called the store,” said Rush. “Everything else was up to him. Go around everything, find out who I am and came to talk to me. He was very emotional.” Rush said the two men ended up crying. The owner was shocked that someone had handed him over. “I’m not ashamed to say that,” said Rush. “I cried, too.” The money order owner said he wished to remain anonymous and wanted to focus on the act of kindness from Rush.

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Furthermore, “It never crossed my mind to keep this money,” Rush said. Rush was surprised that the meeting began to receive a lot of attention, saying that he was only doing his job by transferring the money order to the service desk. “That’s what this job should do,” he said. “That’s what this is really about. When times get tough, we need to be a little bit prettier. And that’s it.” Thanks to Rush, the owner gets his money back! What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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