Kroger employees in West Virginia are voting on a new contract


Wondering what’s the status of the new contract chatters with Kroger? Well, if you haven’t heard about it here’s the inside news! According to the official news, the known and leading chain corporation Kroger in West Virginia is now working on a new contract for their employees. The Kroger Mid-Atlantic division announced this Saturday that workforces that are working at 39 Kroger stores in West Virginia, and surrounding areas, have ratified a new employment agreement. 


According to the reports, right after polls were scheduled earlier today, UFCW Local 400 701-208 voted on an agreement that will increase remunerations and ensure access to affordable, universal healthcare coverage. This has been in the talk for the last few months!  Kroger is delighted to announce that their partners have certified the contract and recognized our continued investment in their success.

Furthermore, this contract which Kroger provides wage increases for each assistant while keeping weekly associate contributions for healthcare benefits as they are until 2021. This is a validation of our commitment to providing a competitive benefits package to our partners. I appreciate our partners for supporting this agreement and for the excellent service they provide to our customers every day. “

The representative of Kroger Paula Genet, Head of the Kruger Middle Atlantic Division said in a press release, that the agreement includes a wage investment above $20 million.  An investment of nearly $100 million preserving exceptional healthcare benefits. The agreement covers more than 4,200 affiliates in West Virginia and surrounding areas, according to the statement.

What includes in this contract? It will be covering healthcare financing that experts say will fully finance our healthcare for the duration of the contract as we mentioned above. Along with real raises for workforces in all sectors. Additional premiums for all department heads and no exploiting increase in medicine drug costs + new diabetes program to reduce drug costs. While the new watch suitability measurement period does not begin until after certification. If you want to read all the detailed information you can visit their official website! Comment below to let us know your views on it!

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