Kroger ESchedule Feed Guideline


Are you new at Kroger? Or old employee but not good with technology? If yes, then this blog post is just for you all who asked on Kroger Public forum. On how to check/find the easy way to check their shift/hours timings in E-schedule.


In this regard, as we mentioned above stated that he need guidance regarding E-schedule. “ Just wanted to see if anyone had any idea eschedule? As well as why it has incorrect hour numbers listed below it, Im pretty new (only been here for a couple weeks) and haven’t been trained to work in any other departments so it doesn’t seem to coincide with other threads about it.”

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For all those workers who are currently working at Kroger. Are required to download or just go to FEED link where all the require information is available. Previously, Kroger had made for their employee but they have shifted all FEED link. It is now the FEED link. To access your eschedule, log into And then enter your EUID and password.  This should take you to your profile where you can check your eschedule and pay stub. If you are looking for easy way to register and log into your account, then you can check at how to register your account with

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