Kroger expanding partnership with 80 Acres Farms to include 316 stores


Officials say Kroger is expanding its partnership with one of the fastest-growing startups in Cincinnati, and the agreement will increase access to fresh produce in more Midwestern communities.


Kroger expanding partnership with 80 Acres Farms to include 316 stores

Kroger, the largest traditional grocery chain in the United States, is expanding its 80-acre partnership with Hamilton Farms this month, expanding the company’s vertically grown agricultural produce to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Nearly 10 times the number of stores in the three states.

The announcement comes 16 months after the two companies announced their first pilot project. This is the first major win for an 80-acre area since the launch of their new modern ranch, which is located in the United States and spans 70,000 square feet at a cost of $ 30 million. Hamilton earlier this year.

As of March 15, Mike Zilkind, CEO of 80 Acres, stated that 80 acres will serve 316 Kroger stores located approximately 150 miles from the metropolis of Cincinnati, including the Columbus, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville markets.

The association’s development has greatly facilitated the distribution plan, which will not be possible until the company’s newest farm (the world’s first fully automated indoor farm) is up and running. Its increase allowed the 80-acre scale to provide “consistent quality products,” he said.

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“This 80-hectare farm has the honor of partnering with a grocery store in the city,” says Zelkind. “Consumers are looking for more nutrients in their diet and want to make sure their food is safe, chemical-free and can be used longer in the refrigerator. Time. The 80-acre brand has delivered on all of these promises.”

Kroger partnered with 80 hectares in November 2019 as part of a pilot project to supply 80 hectares of basil, cucumber, tomato and salads for Kroger’s new city store “Aan de Rijn”. Since then, this relationship has grown to 32 Kroger stores in Downtown Cincinnati and Dayton.

Kroger said in a statement that the partnership is based on the sustainable development initiative “Zero Hunger – Zero Waste.” The 80 hectare technology allows you to grow agricultural produce indoors all year round without the use of pesticides, while using about 97% less water than conventional farms. 80 acres have been planted with signature dishes such as leafy green vegetables and tomatoes, but in the end the company said it would add strawberries and other fruits.

“Everyone deserves fresh, affordable and delicious food,” said Dan de la Rosa, Kroger Group vice president of fresh produce. “The recently expanded collaboration means more communities can use off-the-shelf products 365 days a year. Product.”

Eight ranches operate on 80 acres of land, including four in the area and Daphne, Alabama. Springdale, Arkansas; and Granite Falls, North Carolina. The company was founded in 2015 and employs 125 local employees with a total of 170 employees.

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