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Kroger Company and 80 acres provides fresh farm produce to customers all over Ohio. Today, the company fosters partnerships to drive more customers to Midwestern retail and online stores and to improve the customer retention.


Kroger expands partnership with indoor farm

“The aim is to provide Everyone with the easy access to fresh, affordable and delicious food,” said Dan Dela Rosa, vice president of Kroger Fresh Produce Group. “The recently expanded partnership means more communities will benefit 365 days a year. You can collect agricultural products at your doorstep and with so easy and quality products. We are honored to work with 80 acres of farms to create a world without hunger | zero waste.”

The innovative technology of 80 Acres Farms allows the company to grow pesticide-free products all year round. Because the location is closer to the customer, the ecological footprint and the total food waste from farm to fork is low.

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Mike Zelkind, CEO and Co-Founder of 80 Acres Farms, said: “Kroger is driving the commitment to freshness by providing customers with fresh and nutritious produce. Consumers are seeking more nutrition in their diet and wanting to ensure their food is safe. , They’re chemical-free and can be used longer in the fridge, and the 80-acre farm brand lives up to all of these promises.

Today, the 80-acre ranch owns four locations in Cincinnati. His state-of-the-art farm will support the new Kroger partnership to bring 10 million fresh produce to Midwestern communities.

Starting March 15, 80 acres of land will serve the 316 Kroger counties in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

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