Kroger Fuel Center Incident & UFCW Approves Contracts for Dayton

Kroger employee will finally have the contract and that too with $.79 wage increase. During the term of the contract, the Cincinnati-Dayton division will invest $159 million in wages. According to Cincinnati-based Kroger. Depending on the employee’s rating and employment history, the salary will increase by $4.78 an hour over the term of the agreement, the company said. Also, by the end of the contract cycle. The average hourly wage for an associate in the Cincinnati-Dayton division will be about $20 an hour. Plus comprehensive benefits like health care and pensions, the retailer noted.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement that supports our partners and our company. This new contract provides significant wage increases. Affordable health care, and continued investment in our partners’ pension fund,” said Scott Hayes. President of the Cincinnati Dayton division at Kroger. This agreement follows thoughtful and productive work by both the company’s negotiating committees and the union. I would like to thank our colleagues for their support and for the excellent service they provide to our customers every day.”

Kroger Fuel Center Incident & UFCW Approves Contracts for Dayton

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While, on the other hand Vinton Police respond to car fire at Kroger gas station. This incident took place at the Happened on Hardy Rd. The Vinton Police Department stated that they responded to a call regarding a single-vehicle crash at the Kroger gas station on Hardy Rd. Further investigation is in process. They will share the investigation and incident details.

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