Kroger gives gifts of $ 3 million to UofL Athletics to create a new baseball facility

Kroger as well all know that it is one of the largest and most known grocery chains in town. They are always in news, sometimes for good reason and sometimes for bad. Now, quite recently, the Kroger Louisville Division makes a generous gift for UofL Games. That will benefit the collective baseball team.

The University of Louisville announced Monday that UofL Athletics will receive $ 3 million from a chain of food and grocery sales that will be set aside for a new indoor baseball training facility.

Kroger gives gifts of $ 3 million to UofL Athletics to create a new baseball facility

In addition, once completed, the new facility will be constructed outside the left field area of ​​Jim Patterson Stadium on the University of Louisville campus. The area of ​​the building is about 28 to 35 thousand square feet, which will contain enough space for a full indoor playground. The facility will be used as a training ground during inclement weather as well as allowing the venue of the Shad Mason Hack Shack striking station to become a designated laboratory for the monument.

While, “Kroger has made an amazing difference in the community, across campus, and by supporting our student-athlete experience,” UofL Vice President / Athletics Director Vince Tyra said in a statement. “We have a number of shared values ​​that led us to today announce Kroger’s flagship gift in an indoor performance facility for our baseball team. We are proud to announce our $ 3 million gift to donate to build a new indoor baseball facility here at Jim Patterson Stadium,” said Ann Reed, chief of the Louisville Division of Kroger. “This new facility will help ensure that the best recruits and talent here come to Louisville.

The gift will be paid out to UofL over 10 years, with the contribution of $ 300,000 each year. Before starting the project, the university will seek additional donations to fund the $ 12 million facility. No timeline has been set for the completion of the project. Kroger, a longtime sponsor of UofL Athletics, currently sponsors the Governor’s Cup awarded to the annual UofL / UK soccer game winner and has also been providing $ 10,000 in scholarships annually to each school since 1994. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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