Kroger Grocery Pickup

Kroger Grocery Pickup: Everything You Need To Know!

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Kroger Grocery Pickup is a service provided by Kroger. Customers must create an account on the online Kroger Grocery pickup website and place their order. Then they must go to the Kroger Grocery Store to pick up their order. But this is not it. You can create the account by following the instructions below, and you can do more than just pick up your order using Kroger Grocery Pickup.

1. Create a Kroger Grocery Pickup Account

To create the Kroger Grocery Pickup account, you need to click here. Then follow the on-screen instructions to have a Kroger account successfully. An account can give you access to Kroger Digital Coupons, Kroger Discounts, and much more. So create your account today.

2. Free Orders at Kroger Grocery Pickup

When you create a new account at Kroger, you will get your first three Kroger Grocery Pickup orders for free. But after three mandates, you will be charged

  • $4.95 for standard orders
  • $7.99 for expedited orders

You can also avail the option of shipping or delivery at some locations.

You can get free shipping if your order is $35 or more, including heavy items, dry goods, and bulk orders.

On delivery, you will be charged a fee of $9.95. It is a lot. But when you get your weekly groceries delivered to your doorstep, it is much more convenient.

3. Avoid Kroger Grocery Pickup Fee

You can also use the feature of adding different promos to your cart to avoid the Grocery Pickup Fee. So if you want a free pickup, always see the latest Kroger offers on the Kroger Coupon Page.

You will see many offers that will save you money and get you a free pickup.

4. Reserve a Pickup Slot

You can also reserve a pickup time slot. But only up to three days in advance. Which is a lot; you can save yourself time and get your order early. And make sure to avoid the peak pickup timings from 4 to 7 pm.

5. Use Coupons On Your Order

When ordering on Kroger Grocery Pickup, you can use both Kroger Physical and Digital coupons on your order to receive massive discounts.

All you have to do is to let Kroger know you have the paper coupons while placing the Kroger Grocery pickup order.

6. Save Time at Kroger Grocery Pickup

If you want to save your time and don’t want to get in a rush, then you should go to the store in between the middle of your time slot. This way, you will receive your order early, and there will be a limited number of people from that time slot. So try this hack as well to get your groceries quickly.

7. Free Upgrades

If you ordered something in Kroger Grocery Pickup that is out of stock, then you are in luck. Because the Kroger employee will replace it with the same item in a larger quantity. If the brand is unavailable, you will get a better and bigger product from the different brands.

8. Mega Sale Items

After receiving the receipt, check if the out-of-stock items were included in the mega sale. If that item is replaced with an item not included in the sale, then your mega sale discount will not be available.

So always check your receipt to get yourself discounts at Kroger Grocery Pickup.

9. Don’t Tip

Whenever you use the facility of Kroger Grocery pickup, the associates or employees at Kroger cannot accept your tip. Because they are not allowed to do that, don’t tip them when you use Kroger Grocery Pickup.

10. Estimated Total

After placing the order at Kroger Grocery Pickup, you will get a purchase total on your screen. That total will not be the exact total. That will be an estimated amount. So until you get the physical receipt at the pickup, you can’t tell the precise count.

11. Get Cash Back Using Your Receipt

At the Kroger Grocery Pickup, you will receive a receipt. You can upload that receipt at Ibotta to get cashback. So never waste your purchase receipt from Kroger grocery Pickup.

12. Didn’t Pickup Your Order. Don’t worry.

Suppose you placed an order at Kroger Grocery pickup and did not pick it up. Then don’t worry because your order is canceled and restocked. You will not be charged a single penny for that order.

13. Never Order Wednesday Pickup

As you all follow the Kroger Weekly Ad. So it changes on Wednesday and so does the offers on it. So if you order a pickup on Wednesday, you might get a surprise on your purchase receipt because the recommendations may have changed entirely. And instead of receiving a discount, you will have to pay the same amount for the product.

14. Kroger’s Subsidiaries Have Also Pickup

If you want to receive Pickup facilities from the nearest stores from your location. Then you may also receive them at a store affiliated with Kroger Co. The list of Kroger Subsidiaries is given below on which the pickup facility is available

15. Store Hours May Vary

Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, some of the Kroger Stores have fixed Kroger hours. So on you cannot visit the stores on time other than fixed hours. Please note that Kroger’s Working Hours may vary depending on the situation. But, if you are new in the area, you can search for Kroger Near Me, and Google Search will help you find the nearest Kroger Store.

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