Kroger grocery unions condemn the “imprudent violence” that killed 3 employees


According to the recent reports, Kroger the largest grocery store chain in America. Stated that the grocery union condemn the act of innocent 3 workforces. While, the King Soopers and the unions that represent his employees agree on one thing: a senseless violent act killed three of their employees in Boulder on Monday.


Here’s the official statement by the grocery chain, Kroger they said that “The entire Kroger family offers our thoughts, prayers and support to those affected by this tragedy, including our partners, customers, first responders and their families,” Kroger, parent company of King Soopers, said in a statement.

Kroger grocery unions condemn the imprudent violence that killed 3 employees

The International Food and Trade Workers’ Federation, which represents 1.3 million food and retail workers, said it “condemns meaningless violence” and called on its members to take action.

While, “The Victims and Their Families Deserve Answers” The Colorado Grocery Union condemns the Boulder shooting. Local 7, which represents 32 grocers at Table Mesa’s King Soopers store, also condemns the foolish violence. “Our society today witnessed senseless violent action that caused unnecessary loss of life in the vibrant community of Boulder. It is with great sadness the victims and their families who lost loved ones today, including the heroic Boulder police officer who died on duty.

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We are forever grateful to the grocery workers. And customers and first responders who acted quickly to prevent further loss of life – protecting our members and all those at risk inside the store. This clumsy sinister act also highpoints the best of human nature. There are news reports that after hearing the bullets, groceries helped customers in the store find safety, direct shoppers to an exit in the back of the store, and help Each other escape from danger at home.

While, they also stated that nobody should fear for their life while grocery shopping or going to work every day. Unfortunately, our grocery people, the primary frontline workers, have lived in fear every day during the pandemic. These workers have risked exposure to COVID-19 to make sure. The shelves are stocked and communities have access to food and other basic services.

With the increase in cases of COVID-19, sickness of colleagues and some of them dying, they have continued to go to work, even when faced with the dangers of COVID-19 in the workplace, in addition to hostile customers including verbal attacks and physical by unstable members of the public. We know this incident has caused a stir, hopefully there will be no more incidents like this. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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