Kroger have new Health Chief

Kroger Health Chief Colin Lindholz has been elected president of the National Association of Drug Store Chain (NACDS), succeeding Meijer President and CEO Rick Keys. Lindholz, who leads the Kroger Corporation’s healthcare services arm, accepted today’s chairman hammer from Keyes, who has completed his one-year tenure, at the NACDS annual meeting, which runs April 26-28.

Speaking on the business program for the virtual event. Lindholz referred to the drug industry’s chain reaction to the COVID-19 crisis, leading its efforts to boost access to coronavirus tests and vaccines.

Kroger have new Health Chief

Here is the official statement “When you think about the force that represents our NACDS membership group, there is a unique strength when we share our story together. When we come together we can say,“ There is a pharmacy located five miles away from 90% of Americans. ”When we work together, that story is true and is done Telling that story .. “There are things that we can do together that we cannot do separately,” said Lindholz.

Throughout this crisis, the government has demanded it. They wanted to know what our industry could do to provide frictionless, collaborative solutions to help solve the pandemic. They have seen the power of pharmacy, “she pointed out, adding,” Those who know me know that I’ve always said that it will be the pharmacists of our nation who will be the ones who will come forward to serve the healthcare needs of our country when we need it most. ” Together, you all leaped forward with passion, agility and determination. ” In her talk, Lindholz also explained how “pharmacists and their teams have been empowered to do more during the pandemic: more testing, more vaccinations, and more strategies to help patients continue to take their medications,” as well as how retailers and suppliers have embraced a “one-stop shop approach” in Serving clients, communities, and employees.

She also cited cooperative approaches to pharmacies in providing and accessing health care, particularly the cooperation between pharmacist and physician that occurred during the epidemic, as well as the “success of cooperative models involving doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and others” in addressing issues such as diabetes, drug abuse and preventive care. Now, what are your thoughts on this? What are your expectations from Kroger now? Let us know in the comment section below!

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