Kroger Hazard Pay | Kroger Hero Pay Bonus


Kroger Hazard Pay was introduced by Kroger for its employees. This bonus was started to benefit employees in the situation of Covid-19. This bonus is named a ” HeroPay ” bonus. The employees at Kroger get this $2 bonus for every hour they work.


Kroger Hero Pay has helped many employees throughout the times of this pandemic. Employees are given instructions to use safety precautions. So their jobs stay secure and they can work by staying healthy.

Kroger Hero Pay

After the release of Kroger Hero Pay, the company decided to cancel this bonus at the start of May. Due to the increase in victims of the virus, Kroger started to hire new employees. So they decided to cancel the Hero Pay bonus for now.

Furthermore, the employees at Kroger can receive benefits other than Kroger Hazard Pay known as Kroger Hero Pay bonus from the company as well. You can read some benefits provided by Kroger to its employees mentioned below.

Online Employment Portal

Kroger Employees get to have an online portal for their hiring. If you want to use that portal online, you just need to visit There, you need to enter your User ID and Password to access the portal.

You can edit most of your information in the portal. The portal is known as Kroger Express HR. Kroger allows its employees to see their paychecks and other information in this portal online.

The Kroger Express HR portal has many features. You can check your Pay stubs online in the portal, and recommend others as the employee to the company. Moreover, you can change your residential address if you need to. Portal

Kroger portal is another online facility for the employees at Kroger. They need their Enterprise ID and Password to access this portal. In the portal, they can manage several tasks. is accessed by URL. Employees can check the latest updates about the company. They can also check their work schedule online at portal.

Other than the URL, the interface of the portal is the same as of Express HR portal. You can perform the same tasks using this portal. Moreover, employees can also perform the Direct Deposit change at Online

Kroger has also provided its associates the facility of keeping their information safe and secure. Whenever the employees access their online portals from home or from anywhere else, they need to use

This allows employees to keep their account information in the portal safe. So always use the Kroger VPN login to get access to the network, and connect your home PC with the VPN by Kroger.