By now, I guess we all know that 2020 has been a crisis year, to say the least. Earlier in 2020, the breaking news was spread around the world that a deadly disease was out of its shell.


Covid-19 or Corona Virus is that kind of a lethal disease that spreads just by touching or being near a person affected by it. A lot of scientists and biologists were confused about how did the disease spread? What are the symptoms? Because earlier days of the Corona Virus, people couldn’t differentiate between the fact that were they having symptoms of  Corona or just simple effects of Pneumonia or the random flu. The symptoms were so alike but the effects were long-lasting and dangerous. People isolated themselves for 14 days maximum just to see if their body was showing any signs for the virus. The whole world was on lockdown. And in my opinion, this has to be THE WORST YEAR any country, THE WORLD to say the least had to face.

Many people across the world searched for possible remedies. Some people tried home-made remedies, some scientists were on the look for a vaccine while others were searching for people so that they could provide them with proper care. Not only did Covid-19 threatened the 7 billion population in the world, but it also threatened environmental protection and sustainability as well.


Kroger has always been known as that company who not only took care of its customers and employees but also it took care of the environment. From raising questions like “how can we produce less waste?” to actually making it possible, Kroger has always been there for the world. Kroger’s health actually provides us with all the help we need regarding our health. Prescriptions for our illness, flu shots, vaccination, or anything(you name it!)

Kroger health implemented new tools and a simple and easy drive-thru flu shots centers in 19 regions. (This just keeps GETTING BETTER!)

On September 9th, 2020 Kroger health, the healthcare department of the retail company announced that they would introduce a flu shot program that would help Americans get their recommended vaccines during all the MADNESS of the Coronavirus.

“It will be very difficult for people to differentiate between flu symptoms and Covid-19,” says Doug, the Wellness and Healthcare Director of Kroger health. For this very specific reason, it is very important for Americans to have a flu shot. Since the internet will never stay behind whenever its help is needed, they have also designed online portals for people to get online help or book their flu shots online. We can also have easy access to them on


These flu shots are available at:

  1. All 2200 pharmacies of Kroger health.
  2. 230 Clinics that Kroger health owns across 35 states.
  3. They will also be available on larger venues like OHIO STATE FAIRGROUNDS, SALEM CIVIC CENTRE, THE INDIANAPOLIS ZOO.
  4. Drive-thru flu shots will be also available in 19 regions.

Being a good guy, Kroger’s health allows any other organization or company to join it for the sake of other people. When you do good, good comes to you too. At the end of the day, let us hope that this nightmare named Covid-19 leaves the world for good or at least we discover a vaccine for it. Until then I pray that Kroger’s health keeps striving the way it already is.

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