Kroger Health awards first $1 million in vaccine stimulus campaign


Just in: Kroger is the largest grocery giant in the united stated of America. They have been running a campaign to win $5 million and 1 year’s free grocery if you get yourself vaccinated. From any of the Kroger health centres. Now, they have been updating for the last two weeks that the first winner will be announced soon. So, today in Memphis, TN the Kroger Health has announced the first $1 million winners of the #CommunityImmunity Award.


Furthermore, the first lucky winner is Christina Porter of Jackson, Mississippi was partnered with Kroger and says she is grateful for the life-changing award in exchange for her vaccination with Kroger Health.

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While talking to the media, she stated that the campaign gives individuals, including customers and partners, who have received a vaccine from Kroger Health a chance to win a $1 million reward and the chance to win free groceries for a year. She is very thankful and believes that the concept behind this #communityimmunity is very wise. As more and more people will consider getting vaccinated in order to win the amount. As the winning amount is very huge and free grocery for a year. So, if any of you haven’t gotten the vaccination yet. This is the right time and let’s end the Covid-19.

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While The giveaway started on June 3 and will run until July 10 with winners selected weekly. A million down, four million left! If you have any questions on how to take part in this #communityimmunity then you can visit the website to learn more about it.

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