Kroger Health is Ready to collaborate with River Ridge Mall

According to the recent news statement Kroger Health says it plans to expand its central regional packing facility to a new location in Jeffersonville’s River Ridge Mall. While keeping this in mind Kroger said that it generates 60 new jobs. The news comes as River Ridge also announces a new agreement to ensure an adequate water supply for the growing community.

While, the new recipe refill facility has an area of ​​58,000 square feet, more than four times the size of the current site. Kroger Corporation says the current facility in Louisville employs 115 employees and will have the opportunity to relocate to the new location. The healthcare division of the grocery chain opened its first central packaging facility in 2020. It now operates four locations across the United States.

Kroger Health is Ready to collaborate with River Ridge Mall

Here is the official statement by Kroger “We are delighted that Kroger Health has selected the River Ridge Mall as the new location as it will expand its central bottling facility,” said Jerry Assi, CEO of River Ridge Corporation. “Kroger is an important part of our community, and we value the important products and services that they provide every day.” The repackaging center supports retail pharmacy stores across the region. The company says it gives its pharmacy staff more time to focus on clinical services and customer service.

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Furthermore, “The expansion of the facility will allow our team to support the community at a higher level.” Colin Lindholz, President of Kroger Health, said, “Additional resources have never been more important to our pharmacy staff as they continue to play a critical role in managing COVID-19 vaccines.” We are grateful for such a long and rewarding partnership with the City of Louisville and we are delighted to maintain our new location in the greater Louisville area. ” Meanwhile, the River Ridge Development Authority has agreed to an agreement with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to help ensure companies in the complex have a long-term supply of water.

In this regard, the agency has approved a 50-year contract that reserves up to 20 million gallons of water per day from the Ohio Outflux River Basin, which is owned by the Indiana Agency. RRDA says the River Ridge water system saves about two million gallons of water per day from an aquifer and is expanding distribution to allow more than six million gallons per day, which is essential as the mall continues to add new industry. “The state recognizes that an abundant supply of clean water is vital to the success of the trade center and our state,” said Jerry Asi, Executive Director of the River Ridge Development Authority. “To help support the tens of thousands of jobs we are trying to attract, we must continue to invest in our resources and infrastructure and provide a reliable source of water for the companies that are here.”

The development authority says it has also approved a decision allowing CEO Jerry Ace to negotiate the sale of the 30 acres within the complex to an industrial or commercial area. RRDA did not disclose the name of the potential customer, but said the property is going for 100,000 acres and will generate $ 3 million in financing. Now, what is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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