Kroger Health offers scheduling solutions for COVID-19 vaccines to boost vaccination efforts

The largest grocer in America, Kroger is advertising an online scheduling tool and a dedicated call center just for the Covid-19 vaccine. Kroger Health, the Kroger Corporation’s healthcare division, today announced its new vaccine scheduling tool, making it easy and effective to book COVID-19 vaccine appointments online.

Kroger Health offers scheduling solutions for COVID-19 vaccines to boost vaccination efforts

Kroger Health’s new vaccine scheduling tool makes it easy and effective to book COVID-19 vaccine appointments online. The new tool can manage more than 250,000 orders per day and will reflect the amount of confirmed vaccine doses in the Kroger system while allowing visitors to check vaccine eligibility and set appointments as vaccine availability increases. Customers will also be able to book appointments for both the first and second dose at the same time. The launch of the new vaccine scheduling platform from Kroger Health reflects the company’s commitment to the health and safety of its partners, customers and communities and follows the company’s three-dimensional health and epidemiological response: testing, vaccine management and supportive care services.

Over the past year, Kroger Health has been at the forefront of COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts. As one of the select retail pharmacies for President Biden’s Retail Federal Pharmacy Partnership, Kroger Health is dedicated to providing care to colleagues and clients as well as the communities the company serves. As of February 16, 2021, Kroger Health has provided more than 380,000 COVID-19 vaccines in 25 states for primary healthcare workers, skilled nursing facilities, seniors, educators, and eligible associates. Kroger Health is now receiving and administering vaccines at 1,300 out of 2,200 pharmacies. If all pharmacies start receiving doses of the vaccine, Kroger Health can offer approximately 500,000 vaccinations per week.

Here’ what the official said about it “The priority for Kroger Health is the safety of our customers, partners and our communities,” said Colin Lindholz, President of Kroger Health. “Thanks to our amazing team of health professionals and technology experts, we have been able to streamline the process of vaccine rollout across our family of pharmacies during these ever-changing times. As more vaccines become available nationwide, our pharmacies and clinics will be ready and able to administer thousands of doses to our communities every day. The new online scheduling tool and enhanced call center experience easily expand to meet demand once more vaccine doses become available to Kroger Health.

“Every eligible person should make it his priority to schedule a vaccination against COVID-19,” said Dr. Mark Watkins, Kroger’s chief medical officer. “We know the science behind vaccines is sound, and we encourage everyone in our communities to use our online tools and call center to schedule an appointment to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID-19.”

In addition to the newly released scheduling tool, Kroger Health has also invested in the following initiatives to simplify and encourage vaccination: Vaccine Support Call Center: In conjunction with the introduction of the scheduling tool, Kroger Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Support Call Center has partnered with IBM Watson to create a seamless, AI-powered phone experience for patients. Watson will share answers to frequently asked questions, reduce patient waiting time, and schedule appointments by referring them to a care representative as needed. Clients can call 866-211-5320 to reach the dedicated support line and learn more about the location and availability of the vaccine. Have you booked your appointment Kroger? Share this blog with your friends and family to inform them about it! Don’t forget to comment below!

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