Kroger Health Preparing to Offer COVID Antibody Test


There is an opportunity for those who suspect that they might have been infected by COVID-19 previously. The health division of Cincinnati Kroger is already working on rapid anti-body testing and will soon launch the testing procedure at its pharmacy chain. The test requires 15 minutes involving finger perforation in order to check either the person has anti-bodies that depict that he had the virus causing COVID-19 or not.


Kroger says it will be the main retailer in the U.S. to offer a quick antibody test, which will be accessible at any Kroger store in Indiana around the month’s end. This complete procedure costs only $25, which is lower than past antibody tests that should have been shipped off a lab for examination.

An interview of Tammy Sarmiento who is the Regional Clinical director in Indianapolis (Kroger Health) with Kylie Veleta, Business of Heath Reporter that the test is not limited to a specific community but it will be available for everyone. Tammy Sarmiento further stated; “Back when this pandemic started, many of us had an illness that no one can really explain. The flu test was negative but we were pretty sick at times and so for those individuals who think, ‘I am almost positive I’ve had COVID,’ this is the test for them. The test that we’re using…research as shown that it’s 98% accurate and just as good, if not better and reliable than what you would have sent out to a lab.”

Further expressed this test does not give us the surety that if someone is tested with negative for antibodies may not have COVID-19 previously

“It takes the body about 1-3 weeks to build antibodies and so…someone who is asymptomatic and they’re getting the test could possibly still be infected currently with the virus.”

As soon as this test will be available, the Public requires to make an appointment first, as Sarmiento expects a huge crowd to visit for the test procedure.

Sarmiento stated; “We have had in our Little Clinics throughout Indiana and across the country, we’ve had a significant interest and demand in individuals in the community seeking the rapid antibody testing. We anticipate that that is going to increase…as we roll that out to all of our Kroger family of pharmacies throughout central Indiana.”

Furthermore, Kroger Health is likewise intending to offer quick antigen COVID testing at all of its Little Clinics over the state before the finish of November and at Kroger drug stores after the new year.

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