Kroger Incident happened at Columbus Area

Quite recently, another incident took place at the Kroger, which is the largest and known grocery chains in United States of America. Now, according to the recent report by the Police. Which was reported by the Kroger workforce after the Exit line customer was throwing tantrum leads to Red Bull flying into Columbus Kroger.

In this regard, A man has been banned from entering the Columbus Kroger store after police said he made it rain cans of Red Bull inside the store. It happened Friday in Kroger at 1350 North High Street.

Kroger Incident happened at Columbus Area

According to the police report, a man was shopping in the store when he noticed a long line at the exit. He started yelling insults and threw Red Bull cans high into the air, causing them to fall onto the ground and on nearby equipment.

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Furthermore, after the incident was reported by the Kroger store. The police report did not specify how many cans were thrown, but it says that $ 58 worth of Red Bull has become unsaleable.

This is all due to the customer who did this disruption. After this reported the suspect is also removed and banned from entering. As, the police and Kroger store says that the suspect was banned from entering the store and issued a summons for committing criminal mischief. Now, what are your views on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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