Kroger Incident in Royal Oak Township


Kroger, a large retail company with over 1700 stores, daily visited by 300 to 500 customers on a daily basis. The company has set a policy on “no open carrying”.


The company with a minimum of 200 employees in a store has trained them in case they face such a situation. The buyers at Kroger are mostly families that spend a low amount of money on food.

No Open Carry

No open carry is a policy’ of Kroger and Walmart. It means that no one can carry a gun openly inside the store. The policy was made on the basis of a mass shooting at a Walmart store. Many employees died during that mass shooting. The company wanted buyers to feel safe and secure during their trip to Kroger Company. However, it is not wrong to say that the policy can be stated but cannot be forced. A person who is openly carrying a gun cannot be dealt with strongly. Hence, it may or may not have made a lot of differences.

Incident in 2013

Back in 2013, a man entered the Kroger store openly carrying a gun. The police were called immediately and he banned from their stores. The young man was not given any punishment due to having legal documents. The state of Virginia asks for a permit to carry hidden guns but has no such policy on carrying open guns. The statement released by the police said that the man had no gun at the start; however, he went back to his car and came back in with a gun. No reason was stated for him carrying a gun.

Incident in 2020

Recently, on October 18, 2020, a man was spotted carrying a loaded pistol with a hand barrel at the Kroger Store at Royal Oak Township. It is identified as either an SBR (short barrel rifle) or a AR 15. The suspect was a 40-year-old man who was contacted by the troopers. The first thing they noticed was the SBR slung over his neck. When asked about having any other firearms on him, the man stated he had a pistol under his jacket. Nevertheless, having one gun in open and one concealed he admitted to having no CPL (Concealed Pistol License).

The man was taken into custody by the police. The suspect has been locked up at Oakland County Jail waiting for a prosecutor’s review upon having a short-barreled rifle, law-breaking, and CCW (carrying a concealed weapon). Let’s keep in mind the fact that in Royal Oak, most of the customers are black and Kroger has been helping black families for a long time.

Many accusations and opinions have been raised after the release of this news. Some have said that the man was white hence his identity was not revealed. Some even said he may not have gotten just locked up if he was black. These opinions have not been confirmed nor denied by any police authority or Kroger employee.