Kroger has started a campaign with the name Feed the Hungry which ends on 31st December 2020. The campaign aims to send nutritious and durable food to food banks of America and different other organizations.


Koger has defined various ways for donations. One of which is shopper donation. The number of shoppers denoted will be replaced by various food items. These food items include juice, beans, peanut butter, oats, and canned veggies.

Buckets will be positioned in numerous stores for the collection of donations.

Regarding the campaign, Koger’s cooperate affair manager of Mid Atlantic Allison McGee gave an explanation. He tells that the campaign’s aim is to make it easier for people to denote as much as they can for those who are in need. This will help to make society healthier. Moreover, he praised his customer saying that they have always shown generosity and compassion in the time of need. Also, he hopes that with its customer’s help the campaign will be successful as like every year before.

These gifts and donations will promote the feeling of love and care between the different communities. And will result in a healthier environment.

Kroger has been doing this campaign for a long time. Its campaign Feed the Hungry is a fragment of Kroger’s Zero Hunger. This Kroger’s Zero Hunger is also called the Zero Waste Initiative.

Kroger has a mission to eliminate hunger from communities that it facilitates. The other mission it has is to remove waste by the year 2025.

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